Treslúce PR Kit

$249 ($364Value)

Limited quantities.

Prepare to have the colorful mundo de Treslúce in your hands! This limited-edition PR kit includes every single product from our debut collection. Our box is made from recyclable materials, features a 3D rendition of Mexican blue agave plans, a personalized note from our founder Becky G—and is the supreme collector’s item for fans of Treslúce Beauty and Becky G.

PR Kit Includes:

- I Am Palette

- Intenso Liners - all 15 shades

- Mi Tesoro Lash Case

- Super Fácil Lash Applicator

- Ilusión Premium Lashes - Sueño 3D, Fantasy 5D, Deseo 6D

- Like An Artista Brush Set

Limit 2 per order.