That Glow, Though Bundle

Playa Dreams Duo Highlighter

Playa Dreams Duo Highlighter

Bronzed y Lista Hybrid Putty Bronzer

Bronzed y Lista Hybrid Putty Bronzer

What It Is:

Achieve the ultimate bronzy glow with this sun-kissed- inspired duo. Featuring your fave bronzer and duo highlighter, it’s the perfect bundle to add to your beauty stash.

Bundle includes the following:

Bronzed y Lista Hybrid Putty Bronzer (your choice of shade)

Playa Dreams Duo Highlighter (your choice of shade)

How to Use:

Lightly blend the Bronzed y Lista Hybrid Putty Bronzer across the cheekbones, hairline, down the sides of the nose, and beneath the jawline for an instant, all-over bronzed look. Dust the Playa Dreams Duo Highlighter in light strokes across the high points of the face (cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of the nose) for a multidimensional glow. 

What Makes Us Special…

Cruelty Free

Our products are PETA Beauty Without Bunnies approved.

Latinx Artist

We empower Latinx artists by commissioning them for packaging design collaborations.

Vegan Friendly

Our brushes are 100% vegan, and our formulas are vegan-friendly.