Ilusión Premium Vegan Lashes

What It Is

If eyes are the gateway into our almas, then lashes are the invitation. Serve up some lewks with these cruelty-free Ilusión Premium Vegan Lashes that will have everyone hypnotized. From everyday wear to full-on mega volume glam, Ilusión Premium Vegan Lashes are complementary to every eye shape, made with soft, synthetic fibers, and are reusable up to 15 wears. 

Available in six styles: 

- Las Mías 3D (NEW!) 

- Curiosa 5D (NEW!) 

- Sensual 6D (NEW!)

- Sueño 3D

- Fantasy 5D

- Deseo 6D

How To Use

How to care for your Ilusión Premium Vegan Lashes:

- Gently remove your lashes before you begin removing all makeup. Using a cotton swab, soften the adhesive with makeup remover, running the swab along the lash line. (Avoid using makeup removing oils, as they can dissolve the adhesive on the land band and potentially damage your lash set.)

- Grab the lashes by the outer corner and slowly peel away from your real lash.

- Peel off any glue residue stuck on the band using your Super Fácil applicator or fingers. Be sure to only pull on the glue and not the lash band.

- Deep clean your lashes by filling a small dish with warm soapy water, using mild soap. Place your lashes in and let them soak for 10-15 seconds. Any makeup and/or dirt should come off in the water.

- Place lashes back into the lash tray or your Mi Tesoro lash case to ensure they shape properly as they dry.


Made with synthetic fibers. Cruelty-free. Vegan