About Treslúce Beauty
A world built on cultura, community, and color… welcome to Treslúce Beauty!

Tres generaciones, tres almas, tres corazones intertwined por vida. Te luce bien because you are the dream realized of those who came before you. In you is their power. Treslúce encourages you to show that off brightly, boldly, and unapologetically. With daring confidence, create your own path. We honor the unique beauty within you, generations before, and those to come.

Treslúce Beauty creates, celebrates and supports Latinx heritage and culture. We develop high-performance, vegan-friendly, conscious formulations that deliver high-impact artistry. Our cruelty-free products and packaging are infused with Latinx sourced ingredients and art. We are environmentally cognizant and use recyclable, reusable packaging whenever we can. We uplift and support communities by giving back in a meaningful way. We are inspired by our Mexican heritage and seek to celebrate all Latinx cultures.

About Becky G, Founder of Treslúce Beauty
Global artist, actress, activist and beauty maven—the alma behind Treslúce Beauty is Becky G.

Growing up, Becky loved to play with makeup. She would get into her mom’s bag and was always encouraged to express her creativity. Becky would soon begin learning the craft and getting better at doing her own makeup—so it would come as no surprise when by age 13, family members began asking Becky to do their glam for parties. By 15, as an opening act for other major artists, she was doing her own makeup on the road. That same year, Becky landed a breakthrough opportunity—becoming the youngest CoverGirl spokesperson. This allowed Becky to be, for new generations, the representation she wanted to see growing up. Following CoverGirl and a handful of successful beauty brand collaborations, Becky is ready to take on her role as a beauty entrepreneur and create a brand that celebrates her culture, keeping her Latinx community at the forefront, always. An artist through and through, Becky G is an authority in beauty, and cultural innovator, and seeks to pass on her knowledge and love of makeup to all through innovative, conscious formulations. Her energy is bright and magnetic, balanced by a genuine down-to-earthness. Becky is devoted to her family, fans, community, and social justice advocacy—using her platform to raise awareness around various social issues, including Black Lives Matter and DREAMers. She is proud of her raices, infusing it into everything she does.

Latinx Heritage & Culture Created
Always authentic. Community positive. Fearless expression.
Conscious Beauty Formulations

Our products are thoughtfully formulated and tested, and PETA Beauty Without Bunnies approved. Treslúce Beauty is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Infused with Latinx Art & Ingredients

We source ingredients from suppliers in Mexico and throughout Latin America, and empower Latinx artists by tapping them to collaborate on packaging designs.